Unixx has been Tried, Tested and Proven in a variety of cars participating in Track Racing, Endurance, Drag, Drift and other major race events in the region. These engines perform under extreme conditions protected by our quality range of Unixx lubricants.

Unixx - TR Motorsport Race Team

Contix has been the major sponsor of Unixx – TR Motorsport Race Team in the Thailand Super Series since 2016. The team were winners of the Thailand Super Series 2017 GTC supercar championship in both the individual and team championships driving a Porsche 997 GT3 powered by Unixx.

In 2018, we are joined by 16 year old racing sensation Victor Conrad Spliid Jensen. Victor “The Viking” is racing in Class-C of the Super Production Championship and the 3k Toyo Championship with Unixx – TR Motorsport.

For fans of the Unixx – TR Motorsport Race Team, we have some great new wallpaper images you can download from here. Our car livery is also available on Gran Turismo Sport PS4 game.

Unixx – TR Motorsport Race Team
Unixx Thailand FanClub
Thomas Raldorf
Victor Conrad Spliid Jensen
TR Motorsport
Thailand Super Series

Gymkhana X Pro

Unixx is actively involved in the Thai race scene with its sponsorship of GXP GymPro, a locally grown series for avid drivers and racing enthusiasts. We were Event Sponsor in 2016 and 2017, providing our proprietary brand of Lubricants to participants as well as sponsoring several race cars in the series.

Unixx Thailand FanClub
Gymkhana X

MSF Racing Series

Contix Asia has a sponsorship agreement with JMS Tuner to race in the Malaysia Speed Festival series. The team has been actively involved in drag and track racing since 2009, and will participate in the MSF series as Unixx Race Team – JMS Tuner. They came 5th in 2017 and 1st in round 1 of the 2018 series.

JMS Tuner
MSF Racing Series

Myanauto 2018

Unixx is proud to be featured in the Myanauto 2018 exhibition, Myanmar’s top international auto parts and equipment show. Key buyers, business owners and consumers were present at the exhibition held in Yangon, and we were able to provide valuable information about the advantages of our product line.

Unixx Myanmar
Myanauto 2018